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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gary Snellings (R), Hartwood District, Stafford

I truly believe the most important reason that any individual, regardless of party affiliation, would want to run for public office is the desire to see something better come when he/she is elected. With my experience and track record of success, I will be that representative who hits the ground running and is able to restore confidence in our local government.

I served on the Stafford Board of Supervisors from 2002-2005, representing the citizens of the Hartwood District. I am proud of our accomplishments on the Board, especially on the economic side of the issues. During my tenure, Stafford experienced a 45% economic growth rate, the second highest for any locality in Virginia. Employment grew by 5% annually, resulting in 7,000 new jobs for the citizens of Stafford County. We achieved this by preserving the principles that made Stafford the Business Friendly Community that it should be. Unfortunately since I left the Board in 2005, the current majority on the Board has been extremely unfriendly to our small business men and women.

During these hard economic times that are especially tough on the small business person, the Current Majority on the Board has levied the B.P.O.L Tax and Transportation Tax on Small Business Owners. This is in addition to large increases in our property assessments.

Outside of the obvious problems with the economy, I believe we need to take a different approach to our education in Stafford, one that is based more on commonsense. We have to put more money directly into the classroom. Nothing can substitute for happy teachers, excellent resources and the most technologically up to date classrooms for our students. The only way we can prepare our next generation for their time in the workforce or continuing on to higher education is by spending money directly on them. Unfortunately, the current Board sees this differently than I.

For the first time in memory, Stafford’s teachers make less than their counterparts in Spotsylvania County. This overtaking of Stafford Teachers also came in the same year that the majority on the Board gave themselves a 22% pay raise, led by my opponent.

The other major issues that have fueled my desire to regain this position are Transportation and Public Safety, both of which touch on the overall safety of our community. We need to focus on making improvements to our primary and secondary road systems to ensure a car ride is as safe as we can possibly make it. Unfortunately, the County does not have the proper funds to undertake any monster projects or road widening, but that does not mean there is not enough to correct hazardous intersections and stretches of road.

Even with the Economy, Education, Public Safety and Transportation, the most important issue in my campaign is the voters. The citizens of Stafford County deserve a more civil, productive Board of Supervisors. That is why I invite anyone and everyone to call me, send me an email or attend any of my public functions to get to know me, my campaign and the issues. Only together can we make our community better, which is why I need your help to understand what issues are important to you, the resident of Stafford County.

If you have any questions about my campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or visit my website at


Mr Paul Chlebo, Jr said...

what do you think about the 16 Jan 2010 Bill Hoyt mass email requesting the voters consider an At Large Chairman of the BoS?

Mr Paul Chlebo, Jr said...

what do you think about the Bill Hoyt mass email requesting the voters consider an At Large Chairman of the BoS?

Tony said...

What industries is Stafford interested in attracting? Below is what is posted on the Stafford County Economic developement page.

Stafford County is interested in diversifying its commerce in order to maintain a healthy economic base for the community. As the home of Marine Corps Base Quantico, Stafford currently works with many military and federal government contractors. Stafford is currently working to expand research, technology and high-tech manufacturing sectors in the community in order to provide additional job opportunities for our educated workforce.

I am now asking myself what about or minority owned business the local small mom and pop owned shops of Stafford County.

Is there no room for the locals?